Please note:  If you order Fanci Freez food via UberEats service, delivery of your order is entirely UberEats responsibility. They are responsible to get ALL of the food and drink items in your order to you (this includes napkins, straws and/or spoons, etc too). We get the orders ready, but the drivers are required to check that they have everything before they leave with your order. That is part of what you are paying them to do.


Complaints of Uber orders should go directly to UberEats only.  If delivery problems continue, we will cancel the service.


Thank you


Voted best Soft Serve Ice Cream in Idaho – Buzzfeed.com July 12, 2017

What keeps people coming back: The Boston Shake!

“Ohhhhhhh Fanci Freez how I am soooo glad I don’t live closer to you!!! I would literally get ice cream here every day…why? BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING! The Boston Shake (a shake and sundae in one, my personal favorite) is so good. Not to mention the burgers and fries!!! Yay like I said, I’m glad it’s not closer to my house…haha!” —Mandi A.

“This place is a gem. We must roll through the Fanci Freeze drive-thru once a week during the summer. Every time it hits the spot. The only major obstacle you face is what to get. Which is quite a dilemma in itself — but no matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong here.” —Chelsi B.


Check it out here:  https://www.buzzfeed.com/farrahpenn/here-are-the-best-soft-serve-places-in-the-us?utm_term=.rfyXwlLr5#.dbX8nJ5Qw